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silver price today | Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon? | भारत की प्रमुख संगीत वेबसाइट

by Brahma Aditya

Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon? | नए गाने यहां अपडेट किए गए हैं

नीचे वीडियो देखें

There have been alot of Silver Price “Specials” lately with Premiums UNDER $3.00 per ounce… is that evidence that the premiums for Silver is going to come down soon?

In today’s video we talk about the possibility that the demand for Silver with the current insanely high premiums (over +$4.50 for just GENERIC Silver Rounds) is causing the demand to wane. Is it possible that the premiums will come down to help drive demand for Silver?

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon?

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विषय से संबंधित चित्र Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon?

Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon?

Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon?

>>https://hin.egyptchord.com उम्मीद है कि यह जानकारी आपके लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है

आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

विषय से संबंधित खोजें silver price today.

#Evidence #Silver #Price #Premiums

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Is There Evidence that Silver Price Premiums will Come Down Soon?

silver price today.


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Steve Brucken 22/06/2022 - 23:01

I would not trust any dealings through Walmart, either the silver is less Pure or something because it sounds too good to be true

Party Pickle 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Great perspective and applicable common sense!

les go brandon 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Did you seriously just push wallmart silver? Lol

michael martin 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Ive been using my walmart rewards for the silver. Free shipping. 5% cash back on onlone sales

Your Shooting Buddy 22/06/2022 - 23:01

I got a good deal from the Walmart site thanks to you. Thanks,

Florida Silver Seeker 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Hey man, I just wanted to let you know, I have fully taken advantage of your Walmart deal. I’ve now have purchased (3) sets of 20 1oz rounds, and I used $84 in rewards for my first set of 20 rounds. Making that first set cost of $424.00 delivered free. Waiting on the next 2 sets as I am writing this. Thanks man!!!!!!!!!

T the Silver Stacker 22/06/2022 - 23:01

I think the summer slump is just slowing people down and that might be why they are trying to entice customers with lower prices. I suspect those premiums will be as high as ever come fall and winter. Just a guess on my part.

Vlad Rossolov 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Thanks for the information

ZZBUDZZ 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Damn , I wish I had watched this video yesterday. I just ordered 20 1oz round last night

Ladislav Mica 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Hero bullion has the best deals on 1 oz. Silver Eagles as of the last few months.

Happy Hippo 22/06/2022 - 23:01

People who entered the silver market in the last couple of years and bought with fervor will start to realize that it isn't the "get rich quick" scheme that a lot of people were hyping. They will slow down their purchases or maybe even start selling. This will lower the demand and the distributors will have to lower the premiums. Also, the higher living costs and slowing of economy due to Russia and Covid will also lower demand.

glutemaster 22/06/2022 - 23:01

I've been saying this for two years, STOP buying gold and silver and they'll be forced to lower premiums. unfortunately I've bought 500 oz of silver at high premiums. Now I'm holding off until they come down to earth.

SilverDelta 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Yea I pretty much stoped buying, actually in the last 30 days is the least iv bought in 3 years, I’m sure others are thinking the same

Cheezy_Goodness 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Maybe inflation in food and energy are starting to take effect.

Jimmy Licari 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Why would they online bullion dealers and LCS shops lower there premium's if people are continuing to pay that? I know if I was in their shoes, and people are paying high premium's why would I drop it? Until the demand starts to go down and the supply gets refilled, only then the premiums will come down due to the law's of supply and demand

Maximus Silver Stacker 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Unfortunately I would have to pay tax but never thought I’d see Walmart sell silver rounds ?

Venture with Craig 22/06/2022 - 23:01

With tax it’s 540$
That’s 27$ each
Local Coin shop has em for 25.50 ea
Asking for the tax to be refunded seems odd?? Is it something they add on hoping most people don’t email them for the refund

G.Trahan 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Monument Metals had RCM 10oz bar today for $2.49 over spot ANY AMOUNT! It was $247 when I got mine!!! 🙂

Mad DeXXX 22/06/2022 - 23:01

The us mint sells ASE @. $2.35 over spot to authorized purchasers. I believe Apmex is one of them

Chester Raybon 22/06/2022 - 23:01

I think you hit the nail on the head.
They are keeping premiums up because we're paying them.
I did the Walmart deal after seeing the video. I held my breath and I did 4 deals of 10 and they came in with no problems at all. I prefer APMEX rounds and have 90% purchased them for myself.
It's mainly because the 4 close dealers I know pay a bit higher premium when they buy them.
It's the only thing I can't buy from them.

Hold Silver And Gold 22/06/2022 - 23:01

High premiums on silver can also reflect higher operational cost for all parties involved in production, transportation, distribution of silver coins and bullions. While basically everything else has gone up in price significantly, price of silver has been flat or down despite record inflation and global economic and political instability. A dollar premium may just not cut it on top of already suppressed spot price. The premium will drop when people start running out of cash and direct theirs purchases toward essential every day expenses rather than precious metals.

Mr Main Event 22/06/2022 - 23:01

My LCS went up to $6 premiums on generic but dropped it back to $5 last week.

TheLightBulbShow 22/06/2022 - 23:01

They are using this discount as a lead loss to capture new customers on a new platform like they use to do 10oz for spot. Plus Walmart always requires a lower advertised price than others

Cr8zy Fish 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Wal-Mart sleeps in the same bed as them

Jackie Newson 22/06/2022 - 23:01

They are leaving it like that because everybody don't know that they can buy silver coins from Walmart

SasquatchBioacoustic 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Since the Silver Squeeze average daily volume on silver futures has been in a slow, steady decline. Spot price is in a long slow decline as speculators lose interest. Patience is key. Let the price and volume continue to drift lower for the next few months, breaking below the $20 support line. We should see an up tick in buying volume, but I don't think that will be speculators. I'd expect it to be more interest from stackers, assuming premiums continue to moderate.

VinterEvig 22/06/2022 - 23:01

This would be an awesome deal if I didn't live in Florida and had to pay $500 or more to get tax free. Unfortunately spending that much isn't in the cards right now

Gary Seven 22/06/2022 - 23:01

My local coin shop (a personal friend of mine) has told me that sales have dropped off significantly in the last couple of weeks and in fact the sellers have shown up so much so my friend is concerned about having enough cash to keep buying.

We are always amazed at how some folks sell at the lows and buy at the highs…

Patrick Morrissey 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Great Job Sir.

To me, APMEX has made a name, as being high…..

It's highly intriguing, that they would do this….

Maybe they were just trying it, to see what would happen????? I don't know….

Besides you, I have literally heard NOBODY mention that this deal is out there…. which quite honestly, is ALSO intriguing….. Others surely have noticed it….

These are strange times. It feels like, all the retailers, are pushing real hard, to see what they can get away with…. and as long as people are buying, they'll do it…. We're gonna have to wait for someone to break ranks……. In other businesses, that I am more familiar with, there is usually a feeling of "we don't wanna really rape our main line customers, who we've dealt with for years, and will certainly be dealing with going forward…." so, even if you worked for someone who was just a medium buyer, they would kind of "work with you", and very quickly say "Hey, don't worry about that, I'll give you ten (%) off the prices on our website…." You know, they still wanted you as a customer, but if new desperate people were searching on the internet, they'd get hit with the full whack…. but as a "regular" customer, they were very careful not to offend you, and to continue to take care of you, and be willing to earn your business…..

Now, the LCS's near me, have no shame & no conscience whatsoever…. their prices are out there, like Pluto…. And if I say hey, these guys will sell, and ship to me, for this, they literally say "If they'll do that, I'd do that deal if I were you"….. they have NO desire to earn my business….. they are there, to take advantage, of people who don't know what they are doing….

It feels like, right now, we're in a strange time, where coin dealers, are really like, yeah whatever, charge whatever you can….

And their buys, are just as predatory…. I was standing there in a coin shop… Guy buys 3 100 ounce Credit Suisse bars…. WELL below spot… Which I kinda though, really?? In this day & age??? So after the guy left, I said "You wanna sell me one of those bars?" He says sure, spot +$10, x 100…. I was like, no no, straight cash, right now…. He says yeah, spot +10…. Pfffft! Okay. Sure. NOT. Absolutely NOT….

These are strange times…. Just a few years ago, they would have paid a little under spot, and been delighted to sell it for cash for 60 cents over spot….. and to sell it that quick?? Get their money & profit back out, right now?? Yeah. These are very strange times….

Mark Sartain 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Agreed.going into silver winter for at least 3 weeks to see premiums.

Razor282 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Comment and question. I live in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax; when I buy anywhere online there’s no tax. But I recently when to my LCS and was charged tax on some Silver Libertads. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but realized it later. Are they being shady or are there different rules for in person purchases? Anyone know? Thanks!

Haman's Gallows 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Prices still good. Tried calling before placing order to see how to go about waiving sales tax in Michigan but got disconnected. Will try again. Hard to beat $25.80/oz. on 1 oz. and 10 oz. Apmex bars right now.

rodguitarman 22/06/2022 - 23:01

We appreciate what you do.

Deem 22/06/2022 - 23:01

If i was a manager at apmex the person who setup this collab with walmart would be insta fired. Terrible look for apmex and i was a supporter

The Ambiguous truth! 22/06/2022 - 23:01

A whole new generation of buyers have entered the market. Premiums will simply get higher if paper price goes lower!

Geil Kindmachen 22/06/2022 - 23:01

The premiums paid are BS! I’m a miner and ore processor of metals and the double cost to the consumer is BS! I produce 999 fine in gold and silver at approximately .86 cents per ounce. But alas our caring loving government wants to be a control freak as usual and regulate the crap out of us and make sure we make China and India rich all in the name of global warming. Funny as china uses toxic chemicals and coal to do it and I don’t.!

Del - Soul 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Awesome info ❤️ thank you sooo much Great heads up

The Ambiguous truth! 22/06/2022 - 23:01

Premiums are the physical aka real price of silver!


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